Servant Romance with Owner’s Son

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How to Wear a Saree in TWO Minutes Video

How to Wear a Saree in TWO Minutes Video – Quick Sari Draping Styles


Every #spa has a story, but this will #shock you!!! | Matinee Masala

True love lies in understanding the unsaid words. Spread over months of massage sessions a bond of sisterhood develops between a rich woman and her masseuse. She tells her stories of her happy married life and her lovely husband. Through her, masseuse sees perfect love that every girl longs for. But very often in life, people use words to run away and hide from the reality; the masseuse stumbles upon the truth. And then she deals with it the next day.

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Is Your Daughter Safe at Work? – 2nd Saturday | Every Parent Must Watch This Video

A film comprising the scenario of #harassment of a young girl, working as a servant. she keeps quiet because she is of minor age and doesn’t know how to react and thus she get victimised for #Harassment.

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This Delivery Boy Finds A Lonely Girl Sleeping And …. – What Happens Next Is A Shocker

A girl, who is alone at a mansion during the early hours of the morning, orders lunch over her cell phone from a home-delivery centre. After sometime, a delivery boy from the centre reaches then pushes the door, and finding it unlocked, enters through it. He proceeds towards the main room and finds a girl asleep on a cozy bed. What happens next is a lesson for her or him?